Myth: There are no benefits of processed foods

Fact: Food processing makes many foods available that we couldn't otherwise eat (for example, most people eat bread or breakfast cereals but not unprocessed grains). Without food processing we certainly wouldn't have the large variety of food products we see on supermarket and store shelves. Food processing enables the year-round availability of foods that have limited growing seasons. Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables are just some examples.

Processing extends the shelf life of foods. Tinned fish and UHT milk are just two examples of nutritious foods that are readily available as a result of food processing. Food processing also helps in increasing the quality and safety of many foods.

Convenience is another major benefit of foods that have been processed. Imagine not having dried noodles or tinned vegetables for that quick and easy dinner. Foods that have been processed are also used in situations where refrigeration is not possible such as camping expeditions and rations for the armed forces.