Nutritional Supplements

Yes, You Really Do Need Them! Here's Why
Nutritional supplements? I can do without them, so do I really need to take them? I have heard this argument more than a dozen times before.The problem with most people is that they base their health on how they feel. Just because you feel healthy and in perfect fit now, does not mean you do not need supplements. When it suddenly strikes - an illness, a health problem, a sign of old age, weakness - we begin to search for a dietary or herbal supplement to help us get out of the hole we have unfortunately dug for ourselves.So, without further ado, the answer to this question is: yes, you do need nutritional supplements.Nutritional deficiency is almost impossible to avoid in these modern times. With our busy lifestyle, the ever-tempting convenience of fast food, it is now very difficult to enjoy excellent daily nutrition.Do you remember the food pyramid, and just how much of each food group you have to take? I am pretty sure you have entirely neglected them. Well, except if you are one of the rare species of health buffs left standing.This is not to say, though, that health supplements should replace proper nutrition. Besides, nutritional supplements are still supplements. They work by complementing your diet to make sure you get the right nutrients that you need.I admit that it is difficult, even for me, to stay away from fast foods or non-fresh foods. If your lifestyle and work conditions prevent you from having a nutritious diet, then your only hope for better illness-free health is a good dietary

Ways of Adulteration in Milk in Pakistan

Today our country is facing problem of Adultered food. click here to see the example of such adulteration. Babies feeding on mother milk are lucky in the recent times.

Low Fat Recipes

Melon Mango Soup
Soup on a hot day might sound a little odd unless you're talking about a cold soup. Here's a lovely orange-colored soup of melon and mango, which is sweet and refreshing. Be sure to use the ripest fruit you can, and don't forget to wash the melon and mangoes before you cut into them.

Although you don't eat the skin, contaminants can get from the skin into the flesh of the fruit as you cut into it. The soup is sweet and delicious as is, but for a slight kick, add a tablespoon freshly grated ginger to the recipe. Garnish the soup with some strawberry slices or a raspberry or two.
Prep Time: 15 minutes


Processing of food is of enormous significance for Pakistan’s development because of the vital linkages and synergies that it promotes between the two pillars of the economy, namely Industry and Agriculture. This growth of the Food Processing Industry will bring immense benefits to the economy, raising agricultural yields, meeting productivity, creating employment and raising the standard of very large number of people throughout the country, specially, in the rural areas. Economic liberalization and rising consumer prosperity is opening new opportunities for diversification in Food Processing Sector. Liberalization of world trade will open up new vistas for growth. The Food Processing Industry has been identified as a thrust area for development.

Myth: The additives and preservatives in processed foods are not necessary

Fact: Food additives play an important role in preserving the freshness, safety taste, appearance and texture of foods. Food additives are added for a particular purpose whether it is to ensure food safety, to add nutritional value or to improve food quality. For example, antioxidants prevent fats and oils from becoming rancid while emulsifiers stop peanut butter from separating into solid and liquid fractions. Food additives keep bread free of mould and allow fruit jams to "gel" so they can be spread onto bread.

All food additives in processed foods must be approved by the national regulatory body charged with food safety in each country. Strict limits are placed on the amount and types of additives in foods and any additive must be included in the ingredients listing on a food package.